Kohl’s back-to-school with Avril

One of Kohl’s slogans for this year’s back-to-school season is “moms who know their kids know Kohl’s,” to go along with their 2009 campaign “the more you know, the more you Kohl’s.”  One of their TV ads this fall includes an appearance by Avril Lavigne, promoting her new clothing line available at Kohl’s.  The 30 second spot puts emphasis getting the latest fashions at an affordable price.

I really liked this commercial for the fact that it is reaching two of Kohl’s primary audiences in one 30 second spot.  The commercial speaks directly to mothers who want their daughters to have nice clothes for the upcoming school year, but who are also all, for the most part, looking to stretch their dollar in this economy.  Then, at the same time, Avril appears in the commercial while it talks about her new line of clothing.  This appeals to the teens and tweens, who we all know controls how the majority of the middle and upper class family income is being spent.

Some of the ads on TV here recently haven’t made much sense to me.  I dont even know what is being advertised until the commercial is over, and even then I may have to do some research to interpret what I’ve seen.  But I thought this particular Kohl’s commercial was very effective.  Short. To the point. And I do love Kohl’s.


One Response to “Kohl’s back-to-school with Avril”

  1. I like this commercial too, it gets right to the point, and they are talking directly to the mother in the first 30sec.

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