Branding No-No’s

In a recent article, Lynn Parker, a marketing consultant, talked about several of the big mistakes companies can make with regards to branding. These were all relatively straightforward, maybe because I’ve experienced them with the brands I like to buy.  And some of them reminded me of things we have discussed in class…

Branding on  low price is a bad idea(unless you’re Walmart) because someone will always beat you to the bottom.   And, if your only draw is low price, depending on the product of course, you will have a hard time competing with established brands.

It is always better to surprise people than it is to let them down. If you advertise for something, do it, and do it better than anyone else.  This is how word-of-mouth advertising starts, when people are pleasantly surprised they want to tell their friends. And vice-versa, when people are promised a steak and then receive a hamburger, they will probably go out and tell everyone they know.  So always deliver more than you promise.

Building your brand has to involve more than just advertising.  One of the absolute worse mistakes a company can make is advertise for a product or service they really don’t provide, like saying you have great customer service when actually it is terrible.  It is so easy to find information on companies online, the best form of advertising today is to just have a great product.


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