Reinforce against Buyers Remorse

This is a big problem I have.  Every time I make a purchase over $50, or for anything other than food really, I get that queezy feeling.  And because I find that products are rarely all they’re cracked up to be, or I’m using them in a manner other than directed, the feeling is usually justified.  So how can someone in marketing help me with this problem?

There are many companies who do a great job of giving customers that confirmation we need after the sale.  The one that sticks out in my mind is Apple.  It’s hard to feel good about spending $300 (after upgrade) on a piece of plasic the size of my wallet, that would shatter if dropped from a height greater than 6 feet.  But Apple sold me on the iPhone, and they’ve been selling it to me every day since I bought it.  Its always nice to be reminded why we spent our money.  And when I see an iPhone commercial I’m reminded that if I can think of it, there is probably an application for it; and that if I want to download that new song I heard on the radio I can do it from where I’m standing.  I’m sold!  Now if someene could make me feel better about the Tony Little Gazelle I bought at 2 AM…


2 Responses to “Reinforce against Buyers Remorse”

  1. Natasha F Says:

    So true, I need to be reminded why I buy things all the time. I don’t go shopping much unless it’s for things around the house or gifts. The last big thing I bought for myself was, yes the iPhone. When I first bought it I had that feeling of OMG what did I just do. But then I remind myself everyday that I love it, I get on the phone to look up movie times when I’m out and about, I look at my bank account, I can get on facebook and myspace without getting oon my computer and I’m logged in automatically. I may have had that sick to my stomach feeling when I bought the phone, but not anymore.

  2. You just cant stress that enough, I’ve purchased so many things on a whim that I could probably fill a small building. I see something then I remember oh I dont need that or oh I havent my car payment yet which is why I have extra money :), but just think how many businesses strive on the impulse shopper teh magazine industry alone probably has me to thank. One day I’ll have it all together

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